Las Vegas Healing Flag Project



In the heart of our community, amidst the neon lights and beneath the open sky, we come together to create a profound and moving tribute – the Las Vegas Healing Field® Project. This poignant display of American flags stands as a symbol of remembrance and a testament to the enduring love we hold for those who have left us.

With every flag, we honor the cherished memories of our loved ones who have passed away, whether they left us recently or long ago. Each flag carries a story, a life lived, and a heart that touched many. In this sacred field, we find solace and unity as we remember them.

As the flags gently sway in the breeze, we are reminded of the freedom and unity that our great nation stands for. The red, white, and blue colors represent the strength and resilience that has carried us through the trials of history, just as our memories of our loved ones provide strength in our own lives.

Amidst the sea of stars and stripes, we find healing. We find hope. We find a sense of community that knows no bounds. For in this field, the love we carry in our hearts for those we’ve lost is stitched into each flag. And as they wave gently in the wind, they whisper stories of lives well-lived and the enduring connections that transcend time and space.

The Las Vegas Healing Field®, adorned with American flags, serves as a powerful reminder of the importance of remembrance, the strength of unity, and the everlasting love we hold for those we have lost. In this field, we find comfort and peace, knowing that the memory of our loved ones will forever be a part of the fabric of our lives, just as the stars and stripes will forever be a part of the American spirit.

The Las Vegas Healing Field® display is a gift to the community made possible through donations, sponsorships and the efforts of many dedicated volunteers. You can show your support and gratitude by sponsoring a flag or making a donation. For more information about our club, please visit this link:


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