Las Vegas Field of Honor Project


In the heart of our community, a solemn and awe-inspiring sight unfolds – the Las Vegas Field of Honor®. Here, thousands of American flags wave proudly, a tribute to the veterans who have departed from our midst, their service to our nation etched into each flag’s fabric.

Within this field, we pay our respects to those who bravely served our country and have now taken their final salute. Each flag represents a life dedicated to duty, a hero’s journey, and a legacy of selflessness.

As the flags ripple in the breeze, they embody the unity and strength of a nation forged by those who answered the call of duty. The red, white, and blue stand as symbols of valor, sacrifice, and the enduring spirit of America, much like the veterans we honor today.

In the midst of this sea of flags, we find solace and shared remembrance. The Las Vegas Field of Honor® is a sacred place where the memories of our departed veterans continue to inspire and guide us, reminding us of their dedication and the lasting impact they’ve had on our lives and our nation.

Within the Las Vegas Field of Honor®, adorned with the Stars and Stripes, we remember and renew our commitment to honor our veterans, whether they passed recently or long ago. As these flags stand tall and true, they signify the enduring legacy of those who served and the lasting gratitude of a grateful nation.

The Las Vegas Field of Honor® display is a gift to the community made possible through donations, sponsorships and the efforts of many dedicated volunteers. You can show your support and gratitude by sponsoring a flag or making a donation. For more information about our club, please visit this link:


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