Adopt-A-Grandparent Project


As the significant segment of older Americans in our society continues to grow, so will the need for programs which aid these citizens and enable them to lead full, productive lives. It is the responsibility of all Americans to ensure that seniors are able to enjoy an excellent quality of life.  Exchange Clubs, as part of their overall commitment to community service, welcome the opportunity to reach out to older Americans, helping them remain in the mainstream of society and assisting them in meeting their special needs in whatever ways possible.

This outstanding and rewarding program brings together energetic, enthusiastic youth and residents of nursing homes. Through the Adopt-a-Grandparent program, fifth through eighth grade students from local schools are given the opportunity to adopt a nursing home resident as a “grandparent.” These young people build lasting friendships through monthly visits to the care facilities. In addition to the regular visits, the young people are encouraged to write letters, make cards and send presents to their adopted grandparents. The seniors are encouraged to do likewise.

This program provides the seniors with a sense of purpose and belonging, and helps children to better understand the aging process while developing a sense of social responsibility and community awareness. Because of this, the program should be limited to fifth, sixth, seventh and eighth graders, who are better able to understand these concepts.


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